Brat & Brau: Hermosa Eatery Puts Something New On Your Plate

Last night I ‘checked in’ at Brat & Brau, the new Hermosa eatery that replaced No. 9 noodle shop at the corner of 14th Street and Hermosa Ave. Quickly, a string of comments popped up asking, “How is it?”

It’s difficult to write anything critical about restaurateurs that have the courage to open a business under our current city management. The City of Hermosa treats restaurateurs about the same as seagulls treat bread crumbs on the beach – peck, peck, peck until they’re gone.

But, in addition to courage, Brat & Brau has a lot going for it.

The decor is warm and inviting and the staff are friendly locals you’ll recognize even if you’re not sure you know them. The owners have used […]

Hermosa Beach Pier Volleyball Courts Mitigation

The massive negative impact the 2015 proposed events calendar will have on local, recreational volleyball players cannot be underestimated. Nearly every weekend has an event that will displace 150-200 locals.

If you play volleyball on the weekend, this means you.

Just this past Saturday, with typical 70 degree January weather, a USAV tournament – one of a whopping 15 beach days they’ve asked for this year – sent players scrambling up and down the beach for courts. The struggle to work with the city to find a fair solution, which has been led by Dave Fulton, Suni Keeling and myself, has also been an illuminating civics lesson.

There are no “good guys” or “bad guys” in this debate and, for that matter, in any […]

Fat Face Fenner’s Fishack & the New England Patriots in the End Zone!

I’m wide awake, having went to bed early and took a nap shortly after waking, but you can’t say the same for Fat Face Fenner’s Fishack staff.

Chris Martinez, long-time Sharkeez problem solver, with the assistance of venerable former owner Gary Vincent, has been leading a super-charged team for 2 1/2 weeks, a team determined to re-open a completely re-charged FFFF in time for another Patriots victory.

“We’ve been working 24 hours a day. Brand new beer lines and taps, extensive cleaning, window repairs and a spruced up kitchen,” said Chris, who works for Sharkeez which recently purchased FFFF.  “Most of us have only had a couple hours sleep a day.”

While the wait staff – made up of beloved standbys like Juan, […]

All the Secrets of the World

My earliest memories are of books.

My mother was a complicated woman and a reader. She could become lost in a book for hours. She read books like my father smoked Camels, closing one and opening another.

She took time to read to her children as well, imparting a gift as rich as any present. I can remember sitting in her lap while she read to us. I don’t recall the books themselves, except The Bible Story, but I can close my eyes and smell the paper, hear the rustle of the pages turned, the quiet room a backdrop to her voice.

Our homes weren’t often quiet. Maybe that was an extra treasure from reading time.

I grew up in a military family first […]

Yes to Measure O, says the Hermosa Beach Police Department

I’ve wondered how to approach the subject of the Hermosa Oil Recovery Project (Measure O, March 3, 2015) in this blog. Perhaps the Hermosa Beach Police Department POA’s endorsement of the project is a place to start.

I have long advocated for a community oriented policing approach in Hermosa, including officers on foot and bike to patrol the Pier and the Strand. Hermosa is more Mayberry than Gotham and I’d like to see our officers approach their jobs with less Batman and more Andy Griffith.

As a journalist and researcher, I covered and worked with the USDOJ COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) program for a time and was struck by the positive impact approachable policing could have on a community. While I have heard that […]